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Welcome to Cedar Springs Farm

At Cedar Springs Farm, we are committed to providing the highest quality poultry products that are sustainably grown through our regenerative farming practices.



We offer a diverse range of premium quality poultry products that are cultivated through our regenerative farming practices. Our products are free from antibiotics and hormones, ensuring that you are getting the healthiest and most flavorful poultry.




Our Method

Cedar Springs Farm believes in providing an environment that respects and encourages the natural behavior of our animals. When animals are allowed the freedom to do what nature intended the result is regenerative.


Our system relies on poultry, and some assistance from ruminants, to build soil, which produces thick, lush pasture, which in turn feeds ruminants, insects, rodents, snakes, earth worms, birds, and beneficial soil microbiology. We’re facilitating the food cycle of our local ecosystem which in turn pays us back with healthy soil, healthy ecosystem, and healthy food.

And, no, we do not engage in toxic chemical agriculture in any way.

Rooted in Community

Since our inception, Cedar Springs Farm has been fueled by the continuous support of our community. Our goal is to give back by providing nutrient-dense food through regenerative farming practices. As we grow, our commitment to knowing and serving our community with healthy, quality food remains stronger than ever.

A Different Kind of Farming

At Cedar Springs Farm, we recognize the crucial role of vibrant grasslands, forests, and fertile soils in sustaining thriving ecosystems and a healthier planet. Our regenerative farming practices are aimed at nurturing and replenishing these vital resources. By protecting this delicate habitat, we are privileged to produce nutrient-dense food for our community. 

One of the exciting ways we practice regenerative farming is through our unique Prairie Scooner Chicken Rotation. Here's how it works:

Every day, we move our chickens to a fresh section of our pasture using specially designed mobile coops, known as Prairie Scooners. This daily rotation ensures that our chickens have access to a new, nutrient-rich pasture each day.

Commitment to Quality Processing

We at Cedar Springs Farm prioritize the quality of our processing just as much as our farming. Our future vision includes building a USDA-inspected processing facility that ensures the highest standards of safety and quality. Our goal is to provide a safer, tastier, and more tender product to our customers while also opening up opportunities for local farmers.

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"We’ve been seeking 5 years through multiple restaurants to find our perfect chicken- and trust we have with Cedar Spring. 


Not only is the meat phenomenal, but the people behind it truly understand the importance of sustainable agriculture and animal welfare; we are honored to be a part of what they do and partner with them!"

The Bastion Team  /   Portland, OR



Working With the Best Clients and Partners





Trout Lake, Wa 98650

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