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Our Story

Sustainably Grown Products Through Regenerative Based Farming Practices

At Cedar Springs Farm, we're more than a farm - we're a family bound by our love for the land and our community. Step in, get to know us, our sustainable practices, and the quality produce that is our labor of love.


To cultivate and provide the highest quality, sustainably farmed products while educating the community about the importance and impact of regenerative farming practices. We aim to nurture our land, enrich our community, and offer the fruits of our labor to tables across the region.


We believe that maintaining thriving ecosystems and a healthy planet starts from the ground up. Healthy grasslands, forests, and the soil that supports them form the crux of our farming philosophy at Cedar Springs Farm. By nurturing and regenerating these vital resources, we create the fertile topsoil we all depend on for a sustainable future. It is both our opportunity and privilege to serve and protect this delicate habitat, producing nutrient-dense food for our community.


Transparency is a cornerstone of our operations at Cedar Springs Farm. You'll never find us cutting corners or making unfounded claims. We are farmers who raise our animals and crops with kindness, respect, and rigorous standards. We believe that when good energy goes into your food, you can taste the difference.


Nurturing Nature Through Regenerative Farming

At our farm, our passion is deeply rooted in nurturing animals in a vibrant, nutrient-rich pasture that closely mimics their natural habitat. We believe that when animals thrive in an environment that allows them to express their innate behaviors, the results are nothing short of extraordinary.


Living as Nature Intended

Our dedication to regenerative farming isn't just about providing a comfortable and natural life for our animals. It's also about fostering a harmonious relationship between our livestock, the land, and the ecosystem.


A Symphony of Sustainablility

Every rotation of our animals contributes to soil enrichment and biodiversity, creating a thriving ecosystem that benefits everyone involved. The lush, green pastures you see in these photos are a testament to our commitment to sustainability and the belief that when we nurture nature, nature nurtures us in return.

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